Sunday, February 17, 2008

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Found a bit more trivia (true or not?? can't seem to find any corroboration) that explains why Kate Hepburn was so excellent in portraying Eleanor of Aquitaine in the movie "The Lion in Winter"

Supposedly, Miss Hepburn was descended from Eleanor via at least two lines, from Eleanors marriages to both King Louis VII and from her marriage to King Henry II.

Maybe I can find something to back this up.. the website only states it, gives no references.

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Y2K said...

You really should take a history of England class or two. I love the one I got to take back in college. Henry II was a real cool character as well, and he is also the key player in Becket, which is a true story as well as A Man for All Seasons.

Elenor was Henry's equal in many respects and I believe was buried next to him. I my histroy classes I attritribute our modern society as having begun with Henry II.

Hery was a wiry scrawny little weasle but he ruled with complete authority because he was so intelligent. His advantage was he could read and write, and very few nobles could at that time. He referred to his Nobles as "Lapdogs" becuase he was so much superior to them mentally.

As a reult his Nobles started sending their kids to schools and as they became educated they began demanding personal rights. When the Noblemen held Bad King John's head on the block (Yes the Evil Prince John from Robin Hood days, was the bratty younger brother of Richard the Lion Heart and they were the sons of Henry II and Elenor) and demanded he sign the Magna Carta, It was because of Henry's bragging words over two decades earlier. Invest in people's education and the world is better, people stand up for what is right and as in the case of the Magna Carta... they turn into Republicans and start demanding tax breaks for the wealthy class.