Sunday, May 18, 2008

More felting to be done

I made another "Waves of Color" tote. I'm felting this one too, but the washing machine is currently in use, so all I can post right now are the pre-felting pics.

I have some Lionbrand Moonlight Mohair in this too, which I have no idea how it will felt, so this will be an awesome experiment.

As long as I'm sharing pics.. thought I'd share some of my doggies.

This is Fancy, psycho dog. She's very sweet to us, but goes absolutely bananas if strangers comes around. Picture Cujo with dripping jowls.. that's Fancy when she's upset. She has gorgeous blue eyes, but I couldn't get her to look at me at the right time.

Next is Tux, Fancy's sibling. He's a big TeddyBear.. all love and cuddles and tummy rubs. He looks scary and will bark, but if a stranger tries to approach him, he'll either back away or lie down and roll over. :)

Last, but not least is the newest member of the pet parade, Sasha. We adopted Sasha from a family that couldn't let her come inside anymore.. and I'm so glad we did. She's a riot. Funny and smart and we love her immensely. In this picture, I had just given her a bone and she's licking her lip cause it tastes so good!!

That's all for now.

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