Monday, January 24, 2005

I haven't posted for awhile because the news in this corner of the world hasn't been the greatest. Our community lost another teenager this weekend in an automobile accident. The family was rear-ended by a driver who has a history of DUI (and admitted to have taken Xanax). On the bright side (?) there was only one fatality and there could've easily been more, as the car landed in water and a couple of people were found floating face down.

We're a small town, where everyone knows everybody.. so this double whammy has hit the community rather hard.

More later....

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Ruth Spears said...

I just finished a shawl in recycled silk that you would like. It's for my daughter (30) and has 17" fringe on it. Wow! If you will tell me your email I will send you a pix.
Ruth in OK (CPer)