Wednesday, January 26, 2005


One of my teens goes to TETA today... won't be home for 4 days. It will be very quiet here.

I've been working on making more handwarmers.. trying various weights of yarn. I've decided that I like either sports weight.. OR fingering weight doubled.. two strands held together. I will post pictures when I can. (soon).

I felted a purse.. but forgot to take before pictures.. duh. That's what comes of felting at 2am.. you forget little details. I need to run it through at least once more, you can still see the stitches. I tried to improvise a pattern for felted ballet slippers, but they didn't turn out right. they look like a giant brown wooden shoe. :)

Also been making angels for the Angels for Hope group.. and gosh.. I have a shawl that I need to weave the ends in on, another shawl that I've decided I need to frog back to where i added on a skein.. the join shows badly. There's a crocheted bias scarf that I need to finish.

Oh, I wish Michaels would put the Moonlight Mohair on sale.. I've fallen seriously in love with that yarn, but at 8.99 a skein, it's a little steep. And ridiculous for me also.. as my family tends to be allergic to animal fibers.

Time to go get ready for work...Glad I gave notice and I only have to do this for about 3 more weeks. yeahhhhhhhhh. Then I'll be able to devote more of my time to blogging and crochet.. and maybe even do a lick of housework now and then. hehe.

I was shown this link today.. some of the wildest hats (scary too) that I've ever seen.

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