Sunday, January 30, 2005

New computer on the way

Just got the email from Alienware: my new computer has been shipped. yeah!!!! Now I have to clean out my cubby where the old computer has been. boo!!!!!

On the crochet scene: Finally wove in the loose ends on the Seraphina shawl. I'm really loving it, even though it does have small amount of wool in it and makes my back itch a lil. I've almost finished a peasant shawl (from Tabitha's vintage crochet newsletter), but making it in homespun instead of thread, so I'm having to adjust the pattern a little. Made two more pair of handwarmers (I think I'm addicted to these.. lol.. I even slept with a pair on the other night). Oh, and I finally worked out the skull n crossbones, from a graph from Glampyre's site, but it's a knitting pattern, so had to improvise a little. It came out huge, like a pillow size. I'll keep it, make a back and have a pillow.

Then today.. I found this at LiveJournal
designed for crochet. I love Live Journal's crochet community, they always have the neatest stuff.

well, better get off of here and make some headway in cleaning up the mess in my old computer cubby. Till next time....

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