Monday, January 31, 2005

Some Promised Pictures

The latest handwarmers. Added some fun fur to the cuffs and crocheted a flower. Two strands of fingering yarn held together, purple n white. I love them.

And here are three more sets in the works. The pink pair I cross-stitched a heart on to one of them, I think I like it. I'm thinking of putting pink eyelash on the cuffs.. or maybe pink eyelash/purple fur. Not sure yet. The blue/red pair on the left I think will be a birthday gift. The pair in the middle I was trying out crocheting a design into them. haven't decided if I want to make the second mitt, or frog this one back to before the design.

Some funky yarn I got for myself from Stitches n Stuff in Longview. I love that store. And how cool is it that it is in the "Afghan Romance" book? Not sure what I plan to do with it, but I had to buy it. I did find a pattern for it at, but I dont have enough. Oh the pain, the pain. LOL

And this is the yarn my dear sister gave me for christmas. I've had the most wonderful time trying to decide what to make with it. I'm leaning toward the Seraphina shawl, but havent decided yet.

And the last picture from tonight..a shawl made from one of the free patterns from Tabitha's vintage crochet. It called for two strands of #10 thread held together throughout, but I used LB Homespun and a large Crystalite hook (I think it was the M, but not sure). This color is called Waterfall. I used 4 skeins and didn't quite have enough for the pattern, but I like the way it turned out and that's what counts!!! I have more to upload, but it's time to get off the pc awhile. Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, I just found your blog via a posting you made to the Live Journal Crochet community -- and saw this beautiful shawl! Looked at the Tabitha's Vintage website and just signed up for her monthly e-mail, but am guessing that if this pattern has already been sent it won't be least not for a while. Would you mind sending me a copy? If so, you can e-mail it to me at roseaar @ safe-mail dot net. Thanks. (PS: You do great work!)

AJ Rose