Friday, April 14, 2006

100 Things about myself

I was on the Unknowable Shrone's site and filling out an application and one of the questions was something like "Has the candidate ever filled out the 100 things about themselves, if so, link to it".

I was fascinated by that idea, and went off looking for others who had done the 100 things and found them fascinating. Soooooo, I thought I'd do one too.

So.. prepare to be either fascinated or bored out of your mind (or to be convinced I belong in the Looney Bin).. cuz here's my 100 things.

1) I am one of 4 girls in a family
2) I used to think of our family being like the family in "Little Women".
3) I was Beth, and supposed to die young.
4) Instead, my father died.
5) In February of 2007, I will be the same age as my father when he died.
6) I love my husband enormously.
7) The beach is my favorite place.
7a) The redneck riviera is my favorite beach.
8) I could eat seafood every day and not get tired of it.
9) I am homesick for Florida and have been for 25 years.
10) My husband and I have been together for 25 years.
11) I used to collect Beanie Babies.
12) Now I collect yarn.
13) And patterns.
14) I made up the title for this blog out of my own head.
15) I love working with computers.
16) I can fix alot of what is wrong with most computers.
17) I want to build a computer from scratch.
18) I have added harddrives, ram, and various "cards" to my own computers.
19) I used to be a LVN.
20) I once grew my hair down to my waist.
21) I'm growing my hair out again.
22) I learned to knit before I learned to crochet.
23) I've forgotten how to knit.
24) I love to crochet.
25) I own (?) 1 cat and 3 dogs.
26) I have one child far away in college
27) I have another child still at home.
28) Once I own something, it is extremely hard for me to let it go.
29) My best friend has bipolar disorder.
30) I once dated a man with schizophrenia.
31) I used to drive a Green Volvo.
32) I hate football on TV (live is different).
33) My job is wonderful and I like the people I work with very much.
34) I have promised myself that I will move back to Florida someday.
35) One of my hobbies is Genealogy.
36) I have (among others) French and Austrian (not Australian) ancestry.
37) I am considering obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science.
38) I have two Associate Degrees.
39) Southern born and bred, I'd never live anywhere else, except for love.
40) I have dark brown hair, but now it's red.
41) My eyes are hazel (green & Brown).
42) I can listen to a song I like adinfinitum.
43) I love to read.
44) I abhor spelling mistakes.
45) I try very hard not to correct others spelling mistakes, unless they ask or I'm teaching something.
46) I am very much a night owl and always have been.
47) I have been treated for Chronic Low Level Depression.
48) I grew up with a Mother who had SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).
49) I want to own the house I grew up in.
50) I enjoy learning now that I have to pay for my own college.
51) I have lived in, avisited or driven through the following states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and California.
52) I lived in the District of Columbia for 6 weeks.
53) I like the Applachian Mountains.
54) I'm not so impressed with the Rocky Mountains.
55) I think Michelangelo was a wonderful artist.
56) I want to go to Ireland some day.
57) I like Alt. Country music.
58) I never thought I'd like Country music.
59) Sometimes I stay inside the house for days and days.
60) Sometimes I am painfully shy, other times I can be very outgoing. There's no rhyme or reason to the difference in moods.
61) I have learned to take long car trips by myself.
62) I taught myself to play the guitar.
63) I didn't keep up with playing the guitar.
64) I learned to play the clarinet in 5th grade.
65) I didn't keep up with playing the clarinet because I was sent to a private school with no music program.
66) My parents sent me to the private school because they were afraid of the neighborhood where I was supposed to go to middle school.
67) I absolutely hated the private school.
68) Because of that private school experience, I have major difficulties with organized religion.
69) I am a Christian, but don't beat people over the head with a bible.
70) I try to live my life as being a good example of Christianity.
71) Sometimes I fail at being a good example, majorly.
72) I used to have recurring nightmares about driving over a log bridge with my grandmother.
73) I love staying up late and sleeping during the day.
74) I love working the night shift.
75) I miss my family.
76) I dealt with missing my family by pretending we were pioneers.
77) During that pioneer phase, I canned lots of tomatoes and made lots of jelly.
78) I really did not like my mother in law.
79) I did respect my mother in law. She did a good job in raising her son.
80) I don't think my mother in law ever really liked me.
81) I grew up on a farm with goats and horses and chickens.
82) One of my jobs used to be to gather eggs.
83) I can clearly remember helping my Daddy plant tomatos.
84) I can also remember playing in the barrels of chicken feed.
85) I can remember watching the chickens "dance" after Daddy cut off their heads.
86) I can also remember watching my Daddy skin and gut squirrels he had shot.
87)I think fried squirrel, smothered in gravy, is delicious.
88) I love to go fishing.
89) I also enjoy crabbing.
90) I haven't been fishing or crabbing in years.
91) I hate housework.
92) I want to hire a maid.
93) My husband fired my last maid and I haven't gotten over it.
94) I have so many crochet projects in progress I don't want to count them.
95) I keep thinking of new projects and don't know when I'll have the time to do them.
96) I have learned not to order grits north of south carolina.
97) I like all kinds of logic problems/puzzles.
98) I have an addictive personality.
99) Pre-Katrina, I used to want to live upstairs in New Orleans when I was a "little old lady".
100) Now that Katrina and reality (old bones and stairs don't go well together) have both struck, I'm not sure where I want to live when I'm old.

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