Monday, April 10, 2006

Compulsive Hoarder too?

well, I think I may have discovered I am a compulsive hoarder, as well as a compulsive hooker. The two probably feed off each other.

Check out this list:

•An excessive amount of clutter (yarn/thread/patterns/stash) that limits living space
•Difficulty categorizing & organizing items (patterns/hooks/stash)
•Holding onto possessions that seem of little or no value (remnants/small pieces of yarn/thread)
•Severe anxiety when trying to throw out an object (WIPs/UFOs)
•Trouble making decisions about possessions (GOTTA HAVE, GOTTA HAVE)
•Feeling anxious, embarrassed or depressed because of clutter (OH MAN!)
•Fears about needing items that could be thrown away (you just might NEED it one day for something!)

The original list was run in a Parade magazine sometime in the Fall of 2005. The stuff in the parenthesis was added by one of the c'ville members, but I think they're so good I'm including them too.

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