Saturday, March 01, 2008

Diagonal Hues in Blues

Made with "I Love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby. Reds are Aubergine, Cranberry & Hot Rose. Blues are Royal, Medium & Light.

Pattern is here.


Lilcrow said...

Beautiful , the colors look so good together. I love this afghan. Keep on Hooking.

Deb said...

Lisa, this is a great afghan - one of the few I've seen that would be appropriate for a man or woman. Love your color choices!

I was wondering where you got the tool for tracking WIPs? I'd like to have one but haven't had much luck finding how to do it.

debjoy @

Lisa said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words.

Deb, I don't remember where I got my progress bar for 100% sure. I do know I just copied the html from another blog and adapted it to my needs.

You could google "blog tools" and see if you can find anything that way. Good Luck.

Kristy Nease said...

This is just wonderful. I downloaded the pattern and am going yarn shopping tomorrow. I like your colors much better than those used in the pattern.