Sunday, March 23, 2008

DaVinci Hysterectomy

I just found that there is a video of the type of surgery I had on Youtube.

Embedding is disabled, so I'll just post the link to it. It's a looooong Youtube.. 63 minutes, but very cool. And it's not hard to watch. I was afraid, thinking it would bring back memories of all I went through, but it wasn't hard at all. And it's not gross or disgusting with bloodiness either.

Alleluia! Christ is Risen.

Christ is Risen indeed. Alleluia!


Someone read the above post about DaVinci hysterectomy and never bothered to read the other parts of my blog......

Dear reader,

I am very aware of female anatomy. I do not need to be referred to where you wanted to send me and I won't refer others there. I do not chose to approve your comment because I don't want others misled.

When I was foundering about with my CANCER diagnosis I did contact them. They recommended a couple of procedures that IF I had followed ... I could have worsened my condition.

PLEASE read why someone has gone through a procedure rather than just having a knee-jerk reaction.

My hysterectomy was not performed lightly or for frivolous reasons, nor was it performed by a gynecologist as your comment inferred. It was to SAVE MY LIFE from CANCER!!! And it was performed by an ONCOLOGIST/Gynecologist.


The blogger whose cancer was caught very early and now has a 97% survival rate.


Nancy said...

Lisa, I'm so sorry that someone didn't bother to look at all of your postings to know what you've gone through. I, for one, KNOW that you did major research before having ANYTHING done. It was not done just because a doctor said so, and not because it was the first thing offered.

Big hugs and let this slide off your back. Those that truly know you KNOW your story. And it is YOUR STORY.


Anonymous said...

Good heavens! I'm sorry too that you had to put up with an ungracious commenter. I've had some comments on my blog that were less than welcome so I know how you feel but, I'm sure, not quite on the same level. There's just no excuse for trollish behavior. That being said, I, for one, am very glad that your surgery was successful and that you are still around.