Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My first letter to the CPSC.

I am writing to ask what in the world the CPSC was thinking when proposing and working on passing this "improved safety act"? The CPSIA, while well meant, is not thought through very well and needs ammendment.

I am a crafter, I do not sell my products, but I DO donate to charities and after reading the provisions of this act, my understanding is that I will no longer be able to make baby blankets, booties, baby sweaters, afghans or ANY other item made of acrylic yarn and donate it. Or even the Charity may be risking prosecution by accepting such items.

Yes, please protect children from lead and phthalates, but how much lead or phthalates are in a blanket? In booties?

I am also concerned that other handcrafters who do sell their work will be put out of business by this draconian act. Our country is already in a recession, if not heading into a depression and the CPSIA is only going to make things so much worse when so many home businesses are forced to close or face huge fines.

With this act, I'm seeing the real life illustration of the saying "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". The CPSIA was created with good intentions. It's sending hand-crafters to hell.

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Pamela Kramer said...

Thank you for spreading the word to your readers! Best of luck to all of us.