Friday, February 20, 2009

Taking in Strays

I have a vet appt in front of me today. I know I've talked about the little neighborhood stray that likes to hang out here with Sasha. We don't know who he belongs to or his name.. no collar or tags. We call him "Pogo" because he jumps straight up into the air about 4ft..when he's feeling good.

He's not feeling good at all today. Late yesterday evening, we noticed him in our yard and went to see him and he didn't jump like he usually does.. and when we tried to pick him up, he screamed. (he's a whiner, he hollers when a big dog chases him..and he hasn't even been touched..but this was different)

We got him inside enticed with a bit of doggie treat and once we picked him up, he quit hollering. Looking him over, we at first thought we saw a bb gun wound, matted reddened fur, but we couldn't find an actual wound. Then we noticed that one side of his chest was swollen and two little abrasions on his back legs. So now we think maybe he was grazed by a car.

We kept him penned up in the bathroom that has an outside door with a little fenced yard last night and he seems a little bit more comfortable this morning. He let me lift his front legs off the ground with only a whimper, no screams. I called the vet this morning and they said they would see him at about 11. Now the trick will be to get him into a carrier. I don't think anyone has ever done much with this poor little one. Looks like we're going to be semi-adopting him.

My dh said the other day that what he'd like to do when he retires is to get into Dog rescue. This may be our first step in that direction.

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