Monday, February 23, 2009

Update on Stray

Well, the vet that I liked wasn't able to see the dog (he had to go home sick) and the other one was tied up in emergency surgery, so they had me sign a paper permitting sedation (just in case) and had me leave him for a few hours.

When I came back about 4 hours later, the vet came and spoke to me. He said he couldn't find any obvious injury to cause the swollen chest and that the abrasions on the back legs were nothing to be concerned about. I asked "what about the matted and discolored fur at his neck". The vet didn't know anything about it. I TOLD the vet tech. Something is wrong here.. there's severe miscommunication.

Anyhow, the vet went back to try to look at him and the dog did his "yipe yipe yipe yipe" routine that he does when he's very frightened. Vet came back and said he couldn't handle it.. that he would have to sedate him to examine him. (Wasn't that what I signed the paper for???) And it being so late on a Friday, that that would get into boarding fees.

I am rather unhappy with this vet and will mention it to my regular vet when I get the chance.

The final verdict is that we decided to take him home (the vet did give him a rabies shot and a long lasting antibiotic) and see how he did. If he was still doing poorly on Monday, I would bring him back in.

I got him home and let him out of the carrier into the bathroom.. he promptly threw up on the bathmat and then went outside. LOL.. thank goodness the bathmat is washable.

We kept him in the bathroom/small yard the rest of Friday and all Saturday.. finally let him go on Sunday afternoon. He's doing alot better.. still not 100%, but better. He's running some and tried to jump, but when he landed he hollered.. so I guess he's still some sore.

I at least feel better to know that he has had a rabies shot since he hangs around my dogs and my house so much.

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