Monday, July 24, 2006

Back to Earth (broken arm update) & Caps to the Capital

Well, thought it was about time to post an update.

Daughter didn't need surgery, nor a cast, and not even a splint. The doctor only put her in a sling (for protection) and said that the break isn't out of alignment at all. In fact, according to our radiologist, the break is a classic example of a fracture that you can only see by the "fat pads" (whatever that is) and he has put the xray (sans her name of course) in his teaching file.

So, she's been going around the house in her sling and gently exercising her arm (per dr's orders). She can now even type with both hands (I remember what that is like.. having only one hand to type with.. back when I broke my shoulder).

We go back to the Orthopod this friday for followup and probably more xrays.

On the Crochet Front:

My afghan for the CALPALs FiletAlong is FINISHED...


Sorry the picture quality is so bad. It wasn't daylight when I made the pictures, so no way to drag them outdoors for really good photos. If weather clears up I'll try to do better.

And I've gotten myself involved in another charity project. Caps to the Capital is the name of it and it's about crocheting (or knitting) little caps to help newborns in developing countries.

Here's what I've gotten done so far:

The little caps whip up really quickly because they want caps between 9 & 11 inches in circumference (tiny babies!!). This is a joint effort of Save the Children and Warm Up America and there is a whole set of instructions, including patterns, on how to get involved on their site. It IS a pdf file to download.. but even those with older computers (like me) need not be afraid of it. I only run 128 of RAM and I was able to download it without trouble.

That's all for now... my show (CHARMED) is about to start.. and then have a busy day planned.


Andi said...

Stunning! Hope your daughter is feeling better soon. :) Just a friend from the Ville.

Lisa said...

Thanks Andrea. She's doing a lot better, almost back to normal (unless she's supposed to do a chore of course.. lol)