Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Humble Pie

Pass the Ketchup.. I have some words to eat.

Back on April 23, I blogged about being turned down for an exclusive Crochet Group and how I understood, but my feelings were still hurt.

I find myself on the other side of the fence now and it's a strange feeling.

A little history... back around mid to late April, I was doing most of my crochet hanging out in two places, Crochetville (a moderated board) and Crochet Partners (a moderated mailing list).

I used to also spend a lot of time at the LiveJournal Crochet site, but it died and altho the moderator has brought back the posts.. the responses are no longer there. I feel I understand why she did what she did, but LJCrochet is STILL greatly missed.

Then suddenly one day, Crochetville was no longer available. It was there, but instead of being able to read and post, there was a sign up that it was down for vacation for the moderators. Yikes!! This happened with no advance notice to most of the members. Well, people panicked .. and made contact lists on Yahoo groups and other places. Some of the yahoo groups ended up morphing into new boards. I got invited to a couple of the new boards and have found one of them to be very friendly and "I'm lovin' it".

The ketchup part? It's invitation only. Open mouth and insert foot (hope I washed it lately). The new group is called CALPALs and we do LOTS of Crochet-a-Longs (the CAL part) and we're all friends (the PAL part). I think this group is a MUCH MUCH MUCH better fit for me than the group that turned me down. Hmmm do I wonder why? nah, I know why.

Crochetville came back in a day (or so.. don't remember how long it took actually) and I'm still active there, but have found a new home away from home. Thanks to the creator and the moderator (ya'll know who you are) of CALPALs for inviting me. I think/hope we will have a long and happy friendship.

and I understand why the C'ville moderator needed a vacation.. it was just a shock to all of the members for it to happen so suddenly.

New favorite Link: (crochet related): http://www.jessica-tromp.nl/free_crochet_patterns.htm

Tons of stuff there...Including advice on how to enlarge patterns!!! BUT, you need to be able to crochet from a diagram.

Almost off my hook: A Honeycomb shawl (my pattern) in White Omega Sinfonia for my niece for graduating from Community College. She did this all on her own.. no financial help from anyone. YEAH ASHLEY!!!!! Onward and Upwards Girl!!! She's now studying fashion design.. still supporting herself. I predict we will see great things from that young lady. All I have to do is fringe the shawl (after weaving in the ends and gently washing it) and then package and mail. Packing and mailing will be my downfall.. I'm horrid at that.

My son is retaking part of his TAKS exam today. Prayers, good wishes, Light a candle, say a MoneyHum (Heinlein fans?) that he will pass it this time. Only missed by 1 point last time. Gotta pass this to graduate HS (what a crock huh?) I wish I could still vote for Kinky Friedman.

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