Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rose Filet Afghan in Progress

I finally got started on the Filet Afghan for the CALPALs group.

Here's one skeins worth of work

I'm using Caron Simply Soft in the color Soft Yellow. The odd scraps of blue & yellow yarn are what I use for stitch markers. I like using scrap yarn for things like that... makes me feel thrifty and frugal and all conservationy.

Let me tell you how dense I am sometimes. Even thought this CAL officially started on July 1, I didn't go and get my yarn till yesterday. I kept thinking I'd make myself drive 50 miles to where the "real" stores are instead of just doing Wallies here.

I finally realized that aint gonna happen.. so off to Wallies I go. Now, if you look at the picture of the afghan I'm making, it looks as if it is made in squares. Right? sure I'm right.

So, while going into Wallies, I had a brainstorm. Why not make each square in a different Rose color.. there are pink roses, yellow roses, lavendar roses.. etc. Just whatever I want.. then join them. It will be beautifully different!!

So, I bought some Pink, Lavendar, Offwhite and soft Yellow Caron SS.. (only 1 skein of each) and came home.

So, I'm sitting here getting ready to crochet and notice the beginning chain is 185 stitches. Hmm that's a little long for 1 square, but whatever.

It's not until about the 4th row that I realize this afghan is made all in one piece.

Man do I feel DUMB. What's worse is that I've had the pattern for at least a week and have skimmed over it several times .. even LOOKING for the joining instructions and not seeing them. But I read very very fast and sometimes miss important things, so it didn't occur to me that I wasn't seeing the joining instructions because THEY WEREN'T THERE.

I feel like Homer Simpson... really dumb.

Here's what else I did dumb this week. I had a battle with a ?softsided? *could've fooled me* suitcase AND LOST.

Yarn taking a bath.

Looks like I'll be busy awhile today. I got tired of the all black background and also my comments were badly messed I changed templates and lost all my previous comments :( :( and also lost all my buttons on the side. This will be FUN to fix. Glad I know a little html.. otherwise I'd be completely lost.