Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fish Food

Ya'll might remember me posting about a fish purse not too long ago.

I was planning on sending it to my great-niece via my sister. Well, I did send it last Monday and finally remembered to email my sister about it today to see if it arrived and if K liked it.

Here's her reply:

Well, I didn’t even show it to her. I liked it too much to show it to her!!!!! I figured I could use it a few times before I let her use it. She has so many pretty things, princess stuff……..dresses with veils and scarfs, purses, jewelry, shoes, ribbons for her hair……………..

I couldn’t help it! Too cute!! Maybe I’ll let her have it next year! I know I’m a terrible “granny” but ………it’s just too cute to pass up.

I’ll probably break down and offer it to her in a few weeks…………

For K*** and myself, thank you for the fish purse. Just too cute…you should do one in Nemo colors.

They say having kids around keeps a person young at heart…………it may be true.

P.S. I even tried it on as a hat! It’s cute that way too.

I thought her comments were very funny (and flattering) and wanted to share with ya'll. I wish I had a picture of the fish hat. I'll ask her for one and post it if she will allow.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a cute story! Perhaps another fish purse is in your future?

ladylinoleum said...

I'm with your sister. I'd keep it too! Totally adorable!

Theresa said...

ROFLMBO Lisa! How funny is that! Don't you wish everything we made got a response like that! Can't wait for pics of the fish hat! rofl!

Nancy, Feathers, Ducky...oh okay...Johnny D fan! said...

What a hoot! Do you think she'll ever give it up? I don't think so. LOL

Can't wait to see the hat pic too!


Madelyn said...

LOL, next time you may want to send directly to the recipient. Neat purse!

Anonymous said...

You and your sister are GREAT! Love the fish hat/purse and will have to make one for me. Thanks for the smiles and inspiration.
Kathryn RN