Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spyware sends Teacher to Jail

I recently learned about the case of Julie Amero, the subsitute teacher in Connecticut who is possibly facing 40 years (yes.. 4 0 ...) for having pornographic popups come up on a computer while in a classroom.

She's a SUBSTITUE.. the computer wasn't hers. The regular teacher isn't being questioned. There wasn't current blocking software being used.. The IT director isn't being questioned.

This is a travesty of justice, another case of zero-tolerance gone wrong.

I could reiterate the entire case, but so many others have said it better than me, so I will just give some links to some well thought out blogs and news articles on this.,0,4371427.column?coll=hc-utility-local (~~some comments on this site have profanity..) (~~ new york times article) (~~ need to scroll down to "popups" article) (~~excellent, but very long at 7 pages) (~~ blog by Julie's husband)

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