Monday, February 19, 2007

Pink Camoflauge

Where does one wear pink camo to hide? Maybe the beach in Hawaii with all the impatients that bloom there?

Anyways.. Bernat makes this camoflauge yarn..and one of the variations available is Pink. It's really pretty (and durn hard to find.. it sells out as soon as stores get it in).

I managed to find 1 skein at a local store, and then as I was walking down an aisle with totally different stuff on it, non-yarn related.. I found a 2nd skein. Yahoo for lazy folks (Too lazy to take 12 steps to put it back where it I found it) !!

I made DD in college a scarf out of it for Valentines. Mailed it last monday (the 12th) but she didn't check her postal box till the 16th (turkey). She says it's been really cold so the scarf was most welcome. She liked the chocolates too!

Here's a picture:


There's not really a pattern, but I could write it up if there's enough of a demand. In reality it's just the Crosshatch Stitch done lengthwise. Clover Softtouch Hook, size G, slightly more than 1 skein used.

After lots of compliments and questions, I decided to try to write the pattern. And I made another blog for patterns, as I have a couple more I need to get out of my head and onto paper.


Thata said...

Gorgeous. I like the colour and the texture.... Great work mam !!!

Anonymous said...

I love that scarf! Thanks for the pattern!

trey's pet said...

I love the scarf and would love the pattern or to see the pattern you used on your page since I can honestly say I don't believe I have the instructions to the stitch you stated you used. :-)

Lisa said...

....Let's try this again.....
Hi Trey's Pet,

I did post the pattern. It's all by itself (for now) at:

glad you like the scarf.