Sunday, January 25, 2009

Assorted Trivia

I'm finding it difficult to make a daily post. Notice I missed yesterday? Weekends are so discombobulated here, it just totally slipped my mind.

I guess I just don't have as much to say as I thought. Or maybe the things I do have to say might be considered controversial and I don't like controversy.. I'd rather keep them to myself.

Recently I've been reading (online and in books) about the FLDS. I really admire Carolyn Jessop. It must be really difficult to leave a situation and lifestyle one was brought up in. And when I read about some of the things she was taught and preached to about.. it sounds so similar to the things that were preached to me and the other students at the church run private school I was sent to for 2 years.. it's scary.

Like, end of the world timelines, and hair lengths (long hair on girls.. good, long hair on boys.. evil), etc. Had us believing that drinking a beer while watching football on TV was a horrid sin. That movies were bad.. any movie at all. These folks were so rigid in their thinking..

For example: We had to wear dresses or skirts that went to the middle of our knees. But, granny dresses (floor length) were in style then. Could we wear those? Nope.. because they didn't think about those when they wrote the dress code to avoid mini-skirts. They were trying to instill modesty, but didn't think about floor length dresses. I wore a granny skirt to school one day over my knee-length skirt and it was confiscated.

No pants of any kind were allowed for the girls.. supposedly these could be worn at home, but only if they were side zippered. Huh? Because that would mean that they were designed for women and not male clothing. Good grief. A position of a zipper .. I don't think God really cares about that. Sounds legalistic and not something Jesus would care about.

Oh, and back to dresses.. girls who did flaunt the rules and wear dresses that were shorter than the middle of the knee would have crepe paper sewn to the bottom of their skirts until the parents could get there and bring them appropriate clothing.

I'm all for appropriate modest clothing.. but I abhor idiotic rules and uniforms.

I'm even more opposed to Uniforms since reading Carolyn Jessops book "Escape" and read about the FLDS women working in slave conditions to make the uniforms. That's just terrible. I wonder if people who support school uniforms know about who are making them and what their working conditions are?

As early as the 8th of this month, there was still court action over one of the FLDS girls.. she will remain in state custody because her mother refused to testify. How sad that a mother will chose her own safety over having her daughter back.

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