Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gone in the Night....

Not too long ago I was invited to join a group blog. I did so and made 1 post on topic and all was sunshine and lollipops.

Then another member posted a recipe.. Hmm I thought, that sounds good, maybe I'll share one of mine too. So I did.

Next time I checked the blog, both recipe posts were gone. Without a word, without a sound.. vanished in the dead of the internet.

I understand the owner of the blog chosing to delete posts that are off topic (the recipes).. but what bothers me was the lack of contact about the deletion. I don't know if the owner has my email.. even if they didn't, they could've made a short post to the blog about the recipe posts being removed because they were offtopic.

Because of the lack of finese.. I removed my first post.. and I removed myself from membership in that blog. So there!! nyah. LOL

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