Saturday, January 17, 2009

Phthalates in yarn??

Thinking about the upcoming CPSIA legislation and National Bankruptcy Day (when 70 million dollars worth of inventory must be destroyed on February 10, 2009, and 61% of manufacturers expect to be put out of business) What FOOLISHNESS in the middle of an economic crisis!!

But I digress....

What I wanted to comment on was why do yarn companies think it's a good thing to make yarn out of recycled plastic? Do Moms (green or not) want their babies cuddled by blankets that possibly have bpa or phthalates in them? If we knew what kind of plastic was used to make the yarn.. maybe, just maybe.. but the yarn companies aren't required to divulge this information and I'd be willing to bet that without a requirement.. they aint gonna say. Sort of a Fiber "don't ask, don't tell".

Oh, ok.. just don't use the yarn for babies.. well, that doesn't work either because there's no telling what a caretaker of a child or infant might use to wrap a kid in when the child needs warmth. An adult sized blanket works just as well as a baby one when getting or keeping warm is the need.

Just going on the record to say I won't be buying or using any yarn that is made of recycled plastic anytime soon.. unless I can know WHAT kind of plastic ws used. (and yes, I know that acrylic has problems too.. )

And CPSC?? It would be so much smarter if you required the yarn companies to test the yarn instead of the end manufacturers... Please consider this.

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