Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daylight anyone?

Today I'm on a quest to find a new bulb for my daylight lamp. Huh? Daylight lamp? whuzzat?

A daylight lamp is a lamp that is supposed to emit light very close to the daylight spectrum. Only mine isn't right now because the bulb went out.

And bad thing is.. my lamp uses a funny looking bulb. It's like 4 miniature fluorescents bonded together at one end and it has 4 prongs at that end.

I've found one at, but the ratings aren't that good.. and for over 10.00 for a light bulb, I want one that's GOOD.

I could just open the curtains and have some light, but what would I do at night? Oh well.. guess I'll have to spend the bucks.

If dh had gotten me an Ott lamp, I'd know where to go to get replacement bulbs.. but he got me a Bell and Howell.. an off brand. I guess I should know by now to pick out exactly what I want and hand the advertisement or webpage to him.. rofl.

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