Sunday, January 11, 2009

An interesting start

I've had an interesting start to my day.

I got up about 8am and put Sasha out on her lead. I checked on her about 20 minutes later and Pogo was over and they were playing just fine.

So I return to reading my email and drinking coffee. I check on her again in another 20 minutes.. and she's GONE. This time she managed to wiggle OUT OF her harness.. lead, leash and everything lying on the driveway.

Well, thank goodness at least she's not dragging a leash somewhere where it could get tangled.

So, off I go to get dressed and look for her. Put a jar of treats in the van to help seduce her.. lol.

She's not off at Pogo's house.. so I drive down a little further and turn around to go search the other way.. neighbors in the other direction have some dogs too. And there she is.. with Pogo.. running and having a high old time!! I almost hate to reel her in.

She's so smart.. she comes to me at first, but won't get close enough to let me get a hold on her. So out comes the treats... she gets one.. and runs off to eat it. So I give Pogo one and pet him and talk to him...and she gets jealous and comes to look for another. I tell her to sit. and she does.. and then lie down.. and I manage to grab her then and then give her the treat.

So.. we're back home and I'm waiting for dh to get home and we can put the harness back on her. I'm thinking that maybe she had pulled a leg out of the harness this morning before I put her out and being only half-awake, I didn't notice it. I've noticed Pogo at times pulling on her leash as if he's trying to get her loose. These dogs can be tricky!!

On the Tunisian bag.. I've decided to finish off the side I've got almost done and then start a new bag from the foundation up.. and then compare the two sides and see which one I like the best. Then frog the one I don't like. And if I like both..well.. I'll just have two bags. :)

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