Monday, January 05, 2009

Tuition Woes.. or Don't they want my $$??

I've been trying to pay my ds's tuition online today.. and the server that they use is sooooooooo busy that either 1) I can't get through at all, 2) It gets to a certain point and crashes or 3) I get to the payment page and the processing fails.

It's been trying to make payment for over an hour now. ARGH!!

I called the school and they checked and they haven't seen payment come through. They gave me the 800 # to call the FACTS people (the company handling the online payments) and they don't show a payment going through either.

I told them I do NOT want a double payment showing up on my credit card that I will have to dispute and all that.

FACTS told me that a payment has not shown up.. and suggested I cancel out the payment page and start over again in 30 minutes.

Ok.. did so, and now I can't get into FACTS at all!! This is extremely frustrating. DS will probably have to get up early and drive up to his school (30 min drive) and pay in person tomorrow. Wouldn't be so much of a problem but regular registration starts tomorrow and he will have to stand in line if he doesn't get there early.. and he has to be at work by 1:30pm back here. Sheesh.

You'd think that the FACTS company would anticipate heavy useage today and tomorrow and increase the bandwidth available or put more servers online.

It doesn't help that the weather is wet and wet weather and fiberoptics don't play well together.

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Cris said...

OH yeah and I got 5 out of 5 RIGHT on the little word definition game. GO ME!!!