Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Stream of Conciousness (or channeling James Joyce)

I'm going to go with a stream of consciousness here and hope I'll come up with a blog title at the end.

I've just gotten off the phone with the cashier's office at my ds's college, they finally received payment. I was worried because his student account is still showing a balance. They assured me that it will go through and that he won't be dropped from early registration. Whew.

I wasn't looking forward to dealing with them in person.. it's so cold and rainy outside.

It's so cold and rainy that Sasha hasn't wanted to go outside for days. Somehow she managed to break her harness yesterday so she's just out on a leash attached to her collar right now. I had to rig up a tie out in the garage because she wouldn't even go out to potty and I was afraid of messes in the house.

Yesterday, everytime she woke up from a nap, I put her out in the little fenced yard my dh made for her to go potty in.. and closed the door and left her for at least 2 minutes.. so she'd have a chance to go to the bathroom. I haven't found a mess yet, so maybe it worked.

I owe her former owner an email. S, if you're reading this, I did get your message and I will get some pictures soon and send them to you. Right now, she's doing well, but needs grooming very badly. When my dd was home for xmas, she and Sasha played and played and played. We still miss our Madchen, but Sasha is helping to heal the hole Madchen's passing left.

One of our neighbors has a little mutt dog that comes over to play with Sasha almost every day. He whines and howls when she's not out there. They are best buddies.

I started a new afghan and ran out of the color of yarn I wanted to use.. so now I'm debating whether to make it various colors or order more and hope the dyelot matches or drive 40+ miles to see the dyelot in person.

I was really trying NOT to add to my stash.. sigh...


Cris said...

I am liking you posting every day. It's like I get to hang with you for a little bit each day. Now about that other offer... is he still out of town? heh heh heh

Lisa said...

Read my next post.. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much for the little note. I do read your blog every so often, I understand life keeps us all busy so dont worry when you get time and can post a lil something about her i'll be reading with a big smile on my face knowing she is soooo loved and my decision was the right one! take care and happy new year to you and your family. give her a big squeeze for me please...:-) thanks for everything,S