Friday, January 09, 2009

Gone to the Dogs

Decided to make today a dog day. Here's some photos of our beloved schnauzer, Sasha and the neighbors dog (who has no tags, so we don't know anything about him. We call him Pogo.. because he bounces like a pogo stick ..LOL)

9Jan09 SashaAtPlay

They play a little rough, but no one is injured.. at least we've yet to find an injury. Pogo is generous..he brings over bones to share. We're finding all kinds of bones in the yard that we know we didn't give to Sasha.

We're still a bit afraid to let Sasha roam completely free.. the one time I did try, she took off and I had to go chase her down. We try to give her lots of room on her lead though.. we have 3 20 foot leads joined end to end.. and then whatever length her leash is.. so unless she's gotten herself tangled, she has at least 60 feet to wander. And we check on her frequently when she's outside.. she has a water dish outside and we go out and untangle her when needed.

Sasha LOVES DentaStix (I forget who makes them.. pedigree I think). Anyhow.. she gets one every night as a bedtime treat. She has learned to recognize the package and when we get one out and say "time to go to bed Sasha".. she RUNS for her crate (which is in the dressing room next to our bedroom). It's so cute!!

She also gets a small piece (about 1/2 inch or so) of hotdog twice a day. One of our other dogs has a seizure problem and we give him his meds in a piece of hotdog. Well, we can't leave the other dogs out.. so when Tux gets his medicine hotdog, Fancy and Sasha get a piece of hotdog too. And Sasha likes raw carrots and baked sweet potatoes. She gets small samples when we have these for dinner.

As you can tell, she's not spoiled at all. LOL. When we first got her, the vet weighed her at 9lbs. When we picked her up yesterday from the vet, the info sheet gave her weight as 17lbs.. wow. And she has learned to lie down and shake on command. Now we're working on beg.. shouldn't be too hard.. ::grin::

Ok.. I have to quit having fun talking about my dog and get back to kitchen and laundry detail. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

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