Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lost in Austen

Well, I just got through watching all 4 episodes of Lost in Austen and I just LOVED it.

Granted, it's not your typical period piece, but it's done quite well and having a strong ability to suspend my disbelief.. I was able to enjoy it. And where-ever did they find a male lead who looks just enough like Colin Firth to draw us all in?? LOL

I found it interesting that while the heroine (Amanda Price) knew the P&P story backward and forward, she still fell into the trap of being prejudiced... but this time the object of her prejudice was Mr. Wickham. In this version of the story He turns out NOT to be as evil as portrayed by Miss Austen.

I also enjoyed the very short side story of Mr. Collin's having brothers.. which were even more repulsive and lacking in good breeding. "Tinkler" indeed!!

I think I shall have to look into whether this was made up entirely out of someone's head or if it was a book that was adapted to TV.

And I'm not sure, but I think the actor who played Mr. Bennett, also was in the movie Nottinghill.. I believe he played the stock broker or accountant.. whatever he was. I'm glad to see him in another movie.. his potential wasn't realized in Nottinghill.. but of course, HG and JR got all the attention in that one.

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