Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Update

It's still very very cold here, but we still have power, so it's all good.

I cooked a ton of food before the storm, thinking I might need stuff that could be reheated over the fireplace.. the chili is gone, the taco soup is almost gone and we've made a good dent in the pot roast.

I had a brain storm about a new project and was so excited about it, I stayed up all night stitching on it. I'm lucky that I can do that.. being unemployed and kids grown and out of public school. But now I'm tired and want to sleep.. so I'm gonna.

I feel so bad for the folks who are freezing and are running out of fuel and food. If I knew where to send stuff, I would.

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KimT said...

glad to hear that you are so prepared. I hope the weather breaks sooner than later