Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bag Of Many Colors

Presenting my current freehanded (no pattern) project.. BagO'ManyColors...


I'm inspired to do this in Tunisian from the class I just finished, and to felt it to avoid having to line it. I'm making it huge because I like big totes and in many colors because I'm eclectic.

The bottom darkest brown is Taupe, which I'm now out of. The color sections are a row of TKS, TPS and then 2 TKS.. then change colors.. and repeat. But I'm out of enough of the Burgundy to do 4 rows..(per side!!) so I don't know what I will do next. I'm also out of enough of that shade of green. I do have a different green, so maybe I will combine the two greens with the burgundy.. maybe that will make it look variegated? Either that or just awful.. rofl.

Maybe it will be an excuse to order more Paton's Merino? Yum.. that would be good.

I don't have it tall enough to finish it off yet.. unless I want a really wide and short bag.. which is OK for some things, but not the way I envision this.

I'm thinking of doing the built in handles AND some strappy ones .. we'll see when I get further along.

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