Thursday, January 01, 2009

A new year begins

A new year begins, and it's also an ending.

Tomorrow my dd starts her journey back to her university to start the spring semester. My dh is driving her back and he will be gone about 5 days (it's a 2 overnight drive there..unless you push it.. and it's still an overnight stay ..well, it can be done w/o staying overnight, but you're dead tired when you arrive).

I'll miss her horribly. I wish there was someway to keep us all young. I remember my dh telling her when she was 2 years old to never grow up. :) For some reason we didn't experience the terrible twos here.. Just lucky I guess.

I also found something today while straightening.. a crochet project that I started probably 18 years ago or so.

The first two pictures are what I found.

This is what it makes when completed.


I have absolutely no use for it.. so I'm offering it to some friends of mine on a private crochet forum. If nobody there responds by tomorrow.. I'll probably offer it up somewhere else.


Cris said...

Daddys, my little girl freakin OWNS me! She knows it, I know it... and she knows I know it.

Husband out of town for 5 days hmmmm? Could that be the sound of opportunity I hear knocking?

Lisa said...

1001 responses go through my head. But I could not take a liberal seriously... so I know this must be a joke. :)

Cris said...

It depends on how many of those 1001 responses included the phrase "Come to Texas fat boy!"